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So you’re an American and you support the H1B Visa program? Watch it — karma will get you next!

Of all people a tech recruiter on LinkedIn recently asked "IT professional", "Non-IT professionals", web developers, recruiters, and HR managers what they thought about the H1B Visa Program. Hmmm.  I should ask him how he feels about cancer or being paid about half of what he's worth?!  I seldom engage on any social media, but…

Latest Useful Web Resources and Links #1, March 2016

I created this page as a running repository of useful, miscellaneous web notes for later reference. Javascript & JQuery How to get the latest version of JQuery: Useful info about Javascript and JQuery source maps -- an explanation about what they are and how they are used: http://elijahmanor.com/the-magic-of-the-jquery-1-9-source-map/ Parsley -- A reliable and easy…

New directives for blocking Semalt pests that are draining traffic

For some sites, semalt related traffic can sap performance bandwidth.  Here's the most recent .htaccess directives blocking semalt traffic to your sites:  

Isolating search engine crawlers for special limited site access and addressing surgical SEO concerns

Here's how you can allow different search engine bot crawlers if you prefer to address them individually.  There might be some crazy reasons why which I try to explain below.  For some companies, it seems web developers often don't dev to create new web assets, they dev to squeeze any remaining SEO juice from their…