I want to take the time to show my appreciation to the many talented people I have the pleasure of working with.  As a Senior Cloud Software Engineer, Web Developer, Symfony Framework Expert,MySQL Business Systems Architect and Database Administrator, I have devoted a lot time to learning and sharing “Best Web Development Practices” with business owners, CIOs, and CEOs and I have helped them come up with plans to help modernize many different companies’ web departments.  As their change agent, I have brought about quick and painless improvements while being sensitive to the unique cultural sensitivities of each organization.

Any organization can transform their web department into a highly-efficient, best practices shop within one year.  There is no reason the majority of an organization’s code base should not be migrated within a code framework like Symfony with all sites using the same standard CMS, which should either be WordPress or Drupal in most cases.

This is the “Knowledge Base” resource that partners with my “Aaron Belchamber Video Production Portfolio” website, if you haven’t had a chance, please check out the video and marketing portfolio we’re still assembling from the hundreds of projects that showcase our experience and help people see how we’ve helped so many different companies grow their businesses.  Also, as an experienced video producer in Jacksonville, Florida, we offer an abundance of low-cost, fast-turnaround TV and web video production solutions for the Jacksonville, FL, Southern Georgia, and Saint Augustine/Ponte Vedra Beach area.  We also produce and edit on a contractual basis for other agencies and TV stations around the country.

A special thanks to our good friends

I’d like to shout out to my friends at Smashwords, RestorationAdvertising, and Next Day Videos.

A shout out to two special people and their wonderful families — Dave Thomas and his brother Steve Thomas.  Two very talented creative producers who I once had the pleasure of calling my business partners.

I use a lot to experiment with new approaches, WordPress plug-ins, SEO theories and conduct tests, split tests, and other experiments not obvious on the surface.  Still, we do sell and give away free video clips!

Please visit Dave’s websites at:

Medical Marketing and Doctor Videos

Please visit Top Docs Talk, with Chris Nealon and Craig Wolfe.  They have developed a program to help medical groups and specialists reach more patients while increasing referrals with “Get to know me” videos and other informative videos that help inform patients about the unique procedures they are considering to improve their health and quality of life.  They also offer video production services in Southwest Florida, Northeast Florida, Southern Georgia, and even select national clients.

Giving back and helping children with cancer

Please view the video we produced for Barbara’s Friends, The Children’s Cancer Center and give generously if you can afford to — I hope they update their website soon!

Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Go ahead and say it — that internet thingy’s just a fad.  Well I’d encourage anyone who needs more help with their SEO and getting their company’s website more visibility online to contact Robert Henry at The Page Club.  He is one of the top SEO consultants in the entire country and knows SEO down to an exact science.  I know, I used to work for him and with him and throughout the years I’ve met a lot of different people who claim they’re “SEO experts” when they mean they kinda sorta know some of that SEO stuff.  You know, they think content is a state of mind — being “content”….. Robert’s the real deal, a real SEO expert, and can do magic to your company’s web visibility and rankings.  I’ve seen the results first hand!

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