Microsoft Clip Champ screenshot

Microsoft’s Clipchamp – Simultaneous Screen & Webcam Video Capture

I found out Microsoft’s Clipchamp is built into Windows 11. It is a simple way to record those video tutorials that have become so prevalent and a staple for so many YouTube channels featuring experts providing guided walk-throughs and other demonstrations that require sharing the screen. Anyone can start recording not only his or her screen, but it can also show the webcam in a box simultaneously.

Microsoft’s Clipchamp is also available on Windows 10 but you have to go to the Microsoft App Store and install it. It does appear that you have to have a Microsoft account in order for it to work. The link to get Clip Champ is here.

Microsoft Clip Champ screenshot

For those looking for a free way to at least start creating web videos, Clipchamp looks promising. I only wish I had learned about it earlier! You can make walk-throughs and other useful presentations and add a personal touch by also including you or your other talent on camera at the same time. Clipchamp certainly seems to offer a lot just for owning a computer with a new version of Windows. They do also have upgrade options and there’s more information on the download page.

There is also a lot more information on Lifehacker:

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