Latest Useful Web Resources and Links #1, March 2016

I created this page as a running repository of useful, miscellaneous web notes for later reference.

Javascript & JQuery

How to get the latest version of JQuery:

alert('JQuery: '+$.fn.jquery);   // Outputs JQuery: x.x.x

Useful info about Javascript and JQuery source maps — an explanation about what they are and how they are used:

Parsley — A reliable and easy Javascript form validation library:

Get hostname in Javascript:

// For the host name only, use:


Server Notes, LAMP/WAMP

Latest WAMP install instructions — in less than 5 minutes you can deploy WAMP with MySQL server on localhost.  Not bad for quick local dev server.,123606


A utility for Symfony to convert those awful annotations to YML files:

Helpful Symfony 3.0 base commit, to start new PHP Symfony projects:

Best example of a form collection at work I think is here (many thanks to the programmers making these publicly accessible!)

Symfony 2 performance tips:

Form Type setDefaultOptions weird error:

General Web Notes & Utilities

Free OST file viewer worked well, allows you to save a person’s Microsoft Exchange mailbox email file and open and view the contents without messing with the .ost file in Outlook!

Waka Time — Free web development time tracking utility:

Websites that show the latest hiring trends in the tech industry:!/stats/

A good simplified explanation and list about HTTP 2:

Good article about the anatomy of a URL:

Steps for setting up DNS on a Ubuntu server:


PHP SQL injection – good article:

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