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.htaccess: Password protecting single files on your website

This is very simple.  For any file you want to have its own password protection, create an .htaccess file in the folder the file resides.  Just replace "pagename.html" for the file.  Then, just go to our .htpasswd password generator and create the .htpasswd file in the format:  username:password, where username is the name required to…

Solving “Network Error: Connection Refused” errors when trying to Putty into LAMP stack

Trying to putty into your server, you may get a "Connection Refused" error.  That's usually because the Open SSH server and client aren't installed, just run this at the command line and restart Apache. [/crayon]

Linux command line to delete all files and folders in current directory

In Linux, "cd" your way to the directory you want to completely clean out, then type: I suggest going into the directory first, then "ls" to list the contents so you can see what you're deleting before using this command, though!

Excluding a specific folder from .htaccess rewrites

Here's a useful .htaccess snippet if you need to exclude a folder from your .htaccess rewrite.