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Replacing HTML tables with CSS to improve responsive design

Many websites are still displaying HTML tables with those "<table><tr><td>" tags.  The problem is, try loading a table that looks nice on your desktop computer onto a mobile device and chances are, parts of your table will no longer be visible on screen, or the table will resize and squish the content.  Tables aren't meant…

Healthier email headers that can help you avoid that pesky spam filter when sending HTML emails

Sometimes, your website has to send notifications out automatically.  There's not sure way to avoid the spam filter, but you can increase the likelihood of finding more recipient in boxes by making sure the email is properly declared and encoded in the most acceptable document possible.  This helps getting through Gmail and Outlook -- there…

Tell a browser not to cache a page

So simple, but yet, so under used.  Force the browser to reload the page's contents without loading anything from its temporary cache. What the heck does "pragma" mean?  Let's be pragmatic and find out! <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" />