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Create WordPress custom template based on category slug

To create a custom template in Wordpress for specific categories based on the slug is not a built-in function.  Not sure why since it makes sense to build this capability without creating a new filter.  This could be plug-in, but it's so simple, it's one of those things you wonder why it's taking so long…

Enabling shortcodes in WordPress excerpts aren’t automatic, but here’s the override

To enable shortcodes in Wordpress excerpts you have to add this to your active theme's (hopefully a child theme) file:

WordPress Debug Toolbar plug-in comes in handy for WordPress Developers

I recently ran into some issues with a heavily customized Wordpress site.  Something was overriding something else somewhere, somehow... The dreaded "find the problem then traverse back through the code" solution again raised its ugly head.  Oh, the futility, you time-sucking code bug.  Why didn't the previous developer leave more DOCUMENTATION?!!!!! Sometimes, you can at…

Allowing shortcodes in WordPress category pages

To allow shortcodes in your Wordpress category pages, just go into your active theme's function.php and add:

Disable WordPress theme and plug-in file editing from inside admin

To tighten security of your Wordpress site, you can disable users' ability to edit your theme and plug-in files. After all, isn't that what your web development team should be doing? How are you capturing updates to your site's files if you allow this and you don't commit changes to the code repository? It's never…