How embarrassing: Fixing the Mail Chimp pop-up form

It’s bound to happen, you’re going to be in a hurry and put the snazzy, slick Mail Chimp sign-up form on your website.  The pop-up, after all, looks great, but I highly recommend testing it because there are some serious assumptions the API author makes, one being that your JQuery library, which this pop-up behavior requires is, for some reason, in the same folder as the path from which the pop-up is being called from.

That’s a problem since most URL paths in WordPress sites don’t actually exist.  See the problem?!

This article helps explain the best ways to fix this issue, if you’re not sure, use the “embedded form” option in Mail Chimp instead OR be sure to install the JQuery library before the Mail Chimp pop-up script gets called.  I hope this saves another PHP developer/Wordpress developer some time finding the solution.  I just wish Mail Chimp would CDN the version of JQuery if it can confirm JQuery isn’t already loaded, this would ensure no version conflicts and make the process much easier.

To view the solutions to this Mail Chimp pop-up problem, click here!

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