.deb files: Installing Debian packages on your server

Many awesome software packages like Odoo come with free downloadable editions, it's much easier to install software and packages via the command line, but sometimes you might need to download the package so you have an image ready to deploy quickly.  Whatever your reason, if you have a .deb file, that's the package for Debian…

Solving “Network Error: Connection Refused” errors when trying to Putty into LAMP stack

Trying to putty into your server, you may get a "Connection Refused" error.  That's usually because the Open SSH server and client aren't installed, just run this at the command line and restart Apache. [/crayon]

Linux command line “stat” command used to show file or system status

From the command line in Linux, "stat" is a useful command.  Good luck committing it's 30+ options to memory....  Here's the help output for easy reference to study if you're so inclined. I probably use %U and %G the most when I run into file permission issues and realized I cleared the Symfony cache accidentally…

Linux command line to delete all files and folders in current directory

In Linux, "cd" your way to the directory you want to completely clean out, then type: I suggest going into the directory first, then "ls" to list the contents so you can see what you're deleting before using this command, though!