WordPress caching: Accelerating your website reliably with WP Fastest Cache

I’ve experimented a lot with different WordPress caching systems and would LOVE to hear from other developers who use WordPress what caching systems they recommend. Though it has its limitations, out of the box I have had the most luck and have seen the best improvements site wide with the least angst and issues with “WP Fastest Cache”.

It’s a fast and easy install that seems to work with a lot of different server flavors, unlike some other heavier and even higher rated and more downloaded caching plug-ins.  Some I’m sure are worth it, if you can get them to work, but I ran into all sorts of conflicts and troubleshooting and tracking down the issue could take hours, perhaps days.  Who has time for that?!  Just work already!


In 5 minutes after installing this WordPress caching system, I saw faster page load times. I wish it could be even faster, but in this particular case, I am on a shared host so WP Fastest Cache is allowing me to hold off on needing to expand to a faster server by making my existing sites more economical.

Other caching plug-ins looked like they would work but ended up clashing with a theme or other plug-ins or started throwing 500 Server Errors, crashing the server with memory leaks, etc.  It was a nightmare on a VPS, caching works so much nicer on dedicated servers, so I’d suggest trying different solutions out.  Still, I can’t say enough good things about this particular one, it is well designed and works well with other plug-ins in the WordPress environment and I’ve deployed it on over 20 websites in the past year without an issue.

No, I am not a paid spokesman for that company, it’s just a well designed product and I hope your discovery of it will make YOUR life a little better!

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