Too many categories in WordPress? Add a filter in your admin!

It seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t included in WordPress.  A lot of things WordPress does, we take for granted, but there are basic things it doesn’t do that one wonders “why?!”

If you are a publishing blog (imagine that) and you have over 10 categories, you can easily get lost and waste a lot of time selecting the proper category for your post.  This adds up to wasted time for your and your publishing team.  After all, isn’t the website supposed to make life easier so all the professionals on your team, like content writers, can focus more on the high-quality content they write than waste time on an interface that doesn’t have a simple option to filter out the list easily?

I have seen workflows where there are over 300 categories for all the posts and writers, bloggers, and editors spend a lot of time scrolling this list.  Do you have this same issue?  Well, then this is a plug-in is just right for you!  Just go into WordPress to your Plugin manager and select “Add New” and search “Post Category Filter” by Javier Villanueva and install then activate it.

You will here a collective sigh of relief from your editors, bloggers, and writers.  You’ll look like a genius, all thanks to this nifty little timesaver.  To learn more, just visit the plug-in page at:

I have it installed on over 5 websites and have not encountered an issue with it.  A special thanks to Mr. Villanueva for publishing a great plug-in that saves so many people time, which also translates into saving companies money, doesn’t it?!

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