W3C Link Checker: Free Website Link Checker Tool

As a web developer, it’s hard to stay up on all the details with existing sites, especially if you’re busy developing new sites and systems.  After all, you’re tasked with producing new solutions and this involves writing code, designing and maintaining databases, making improvements, adding new pages, sections and functionality…. This list goes on, but what about quality control?  This should fall under Digital Marketing and their SEO expert, but you may not be so fortunate.

Whatever tools you have access to help automate these “quality control” processes, use them.  If they are free, all the better.  There are a few other free tools that will help you find dead links or links that redirect and identifying and correcting these links will help improve your future SEO scores.

One such tool is W3C Link Checker, found at:  http://validator.w3.org/checklink

A great feature of this tool is once you put in the website URL to get scanned, you can even put how deep you want it to scan.  In other words, it will follow all links within the pages it’s scanning and check the integrity of those pages, too.


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