Many awesome software packages like Odoo come with free downloadable editions, it’s much easier to install software and packages via the command line, but sometimes you might need to download the package so you have an image ready to deploy quickly.  Whatever your reason, if you have a .deb file, that’s the package for Debian and Ubuntu Linux servers, this is usually how you install the .deb files:

dpkg -i packageNameHere.deb
dpkg --install packageNameHere.deb
dpkg -i -R /path/to/dir/name/dotDebFiles/
dpkg -i --recursive /path/to/dir/name/dotDebFiles/
  1. -i or --install : Install the package.
  2. -R or --recursive : Recursively install all *.deb files found in specified folders and all of its sub-folders. /path/to/dir/name/dotDebFiles/ must refer to a folder instead of packageNameHere.deb file name.