WordPress Plug-in Disqus 2.77 works well, despite “untested” disclaimer

I started moving some websites, including this one, to Disqus’s comment platform to help manage all the comments and questions. It’s a good platform to alleviate some of the inflow of issues while helping make new relevant connections and perhaps build high quality backlinks through discussions.

As of this point, I have added the latest Disqus WordPress plug-in to 3 sites, performed the database upgrade required, and can report I have not encountered any issues with WordPress 4.0 and Disqus. I’m sure you’ve seen the ominous note at the bottom of the plug-in where it says “Untested in your current version of WordPress”.

Yikes — scary. Worst case it’d take your site down for 5 minutes before you restored it. Still, it’s recommended you make a back up of your WordPress database before installing any new plug-ins, and this should be no exception. It was an easy, 1 minute install. It is worth considering for your site or blog! Visit Disqus’s website for more information.

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