Updating to Mautic 2.9.1 mild issues resolved

As a PHP web developer with over 13 years experience, I can say that Mautic is the best of all the free marketing automation platforms, by far.  Sugar CRM is good, for what it does, but that’s a CRM, not an MA (Marketing Automation).  Still, when you are updating Mautic, like you would WordPress, be sure to always back up your files and database!

Now, I will chronicle my latest experience updating Mautic from 2.8.3 and 2.9.1.  By clicking the update button beneath the bell icon, it take you to the update page where you have to click “Update”.  Then, the process unfolds, it seems to hang at clearing the cache on my server, but you have to logout then log back in.  Everything went fine, except when I went to “Emails” and “Focus Items” and it hung up.  In the logs, I saw the following entries:

So here’s what I did on the command line to force the Mautic update to finish:

The strange thing is, Mautic says that there has been no database schema changes, except for updates older than 2.6, but I was updating Mautic from the most recent previous verison, 2.8.3.  Oh well, something was missed in translation, can’t really complain about free marketing automation if it has a few glitches once in a while.  I’ve never updated a version of Mautic that was completely smooth but there has always been a workaround.

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