Tech Review: ReclaiMe’s Free Data Recovery Tutorials Worth the Time. Did I Mention that it’s Free?!

I recently reviewed ReclaiMe’s free Data Recovery Tutorials and was really impressed at how much free information regarding procedures and steps a company can take to restore, or should I say reclaim their critical data that was lost on a failed hard drive.  Read the entire review here.

It happened to a me a few times where I’ve seen $50,000 worth of production and editing work on videos and 3D animations go up in dust.  Thankfully, each time I managed to find a way to recover the projects with minimal loss — except perhaps of time and the remaining hair on my head.

Please click here to read the latest review of ReclaiMe’s disk and data recovery tutorials.  I’d recommend visiting their website at and know where to find the software in case you suddenly lose your hard drive!

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