For those of us old fogies who’ve been doing web marketing for decades, it comes second nature to us how to use search engines and do advanced searches that can help us filter out noise and really get to the results we need while getting better research for businesses.  It saves us time and helps us become more effective at what we’re looking for.

Be more effective at finding what you need

Google and the other search engines have a hidden pseudo language available at the search prompt.  Well, at least you can do some advanced searches at the search bar, to filter your search terms for your needs.

“” filters only results on a certain site (replace “” with your own domain, of course.)

Another handy search is:  “your search -word” where “-word” means find “your search” but exclude any content with “word”.  You get the point.  I guess one of the examples would be homonyms that could confuse search results.

Another useful one is “safesearch:breast cancer” so you can avoid any adult-related results showing up that may show another type of result where a page mentions something about “breast” that’s not so…. clean.

Click here to view the best Google cheat sheet I’ve found with examples.