Have search engines been quietly altering elections by altering billions of search results in favor of their own agendas?

The biggest loophole for corporations to skew election results goes unnoticed again

I know this is a tech blog, but today is Election Day and there’s no better time to write a little rant about elections and how they are affected by technology. Let’s go over a few points you need to know before I futilely indulge myself thinking anyone out there really cares what I think.

Disclaimer: I’m a big “L” Libertarian, I think both Democrats and Republicans are monstrously corrupt so if you can’t trust most of your politicians, then how can you ever trust your government run by them and want them to run more of our lives?! The safest thing we can all do is limit it so you limit their perverse, corrupt influences in our lives. Get it? That’s why the Constitution is designed to limit government. You limit government, you limit wasted, corruption and its potential abuse. Both Democrat & Republican voters complain about how nastily corrupt politicians are, but they continue to vote to embrace more of it apparently so they can complain about it more the next cycle. Until they die. Such futility, such insanity, such ignorance.

You should trust electronic voting like you trust most politicians

First, I don’t trust electronic voting. How can your vote, which is cast and exists only in bits and bytes on a computer and not actually physically exist, ever be constitutionally acceptable and trusted? If anyone believes these machines can’t be rigged, altered through wifi back doors or other virtually undetectable means, they are extremely naive. The fact is, no electronic voting machine is impermeable, if it was, it would have to be sealed to the point we would never be able to access it. Unless every vote can be physically back referenced, exclusive electronic voting systems are a really bad idea and I contend already have affected many elections since they were introduced.

A smoking gun if there ever was one: Search engine results regarding politicians before elections

But that’s not what I’m going to go on a diatribe today about. No, I would like to share a few strange “coincidences” in the past 10 years I’ve discovered about search engine results regarding politicians running for office so you can make your own informed decision.

2004 was an uneventful election cycle, even though I remember clicking a few stories featuring George Bush that took me to a video of Al Gore and the success of “An Inconvenient Truth”. I know John Kerry was running, but to show Al Gore? Come on!

However, 2008 was when I started noticing patterns, usually almost favoring Democrats. I thought, imagine if billions of search results were being skewed how are these misdirected searches not being counted as political campaign contributions or regulated through campaign finance laws? Do all the search engines have carte blanche to alter political searches to skew results to benefit their own agendas?

It seems so, and no one seems to have noticed, except Michael Savage, a conservative radio talk show host, who reminded me recently of this phenomenon and made me wonder really how pervasive is this corporate tampering with elections in our country?

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