Planning to design or redesign an organization’s database? Get back to basics and refer to MySQL’s reserved keyword list

Oracle’s MySQL is a staple in the open source web environment world.  Being familiar with the reserved words the database uses is just one way to make sure you don’t have to refactor code or special-escape field names in queries later with the menacing back tick: `

Here is the link to MySQL’s reserved keyword’s list.  The MySQL keywords table is very useful to use in order to avoid collisions up front when designing new databases and troubleshooting possible problems of legacy systems.

I design, and redesign a lot of databases for different organizations and companies.  Planning and designing a database will require naming tables and fields logically so a successor can navigate the data and coders can troubleshoot problems without reinventing the wheel — it makes the system’s design an efficient part of the overall system of the organization.  This leads to less time wasted, more stable systems, and more up-time later.  That’s why when it comes to web development and software programming I’m a Business Systems Architect first– then many other job titles second.

– Aaron Belchamber

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Senior Cloud Software Engineer and 25+ years experienced video production, video editing and 3D animation services for a variety of global clients including local video production here in Jacksonville, Florida.

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