Oracle VirtualBox VMWare Ubuntu Webserver: Fixing boot order defaults from install menu straight to system boot

For those who have installed Ubuntu on VMWare, you have to DISABLE the “CD/DVD” drive from your options or it will boot to the install menu each time.

If you encounter the Ubuntu install menu after you install Ubuntu, you can bypass it by hitting the “Esc” key then move the arrows down and select “Boot from first hard disk” above.



Just go to your virtual machine and right click “Settings” then go to “System” and uncheck  .  This does not seem to be anywhere in the documentation and may seem obvious, but if you like to start your web server up then come back in a minute and expect it ready to go, you won’t have to wade through the Ubuntu start up menu.


Ubuntu is the most popular Linux-based software platform.  It gives a Linux machine real legs.  It’s amazing what the open source community has encouraged in innovations in web technologies.  It will only exponentially increase as costs for computers and web access keep going down.  I can’t help but be grateful, and humbled, by the extraordinary efforts of those who provide these incredibly powerful tools, many at little or no cost.  So, support your open-source programmers and providers — donate and spread the word.  If you use open-source software, rave about it!

After all, it’s hard to complain when you get all this software and it only costs you time to learn it.  The things you can do, the tools and solutions you can provide.  It’s an amazing age we live in!


– Aaron Belchamber


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Senior Cloud Software Engineer and 25+ years experienced video production, video editing and 3D animation services for a variety of global clients including local video production here in Jacksonville, Florida.

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