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Good Git structure overview

Structuring your Git upfront can save you a lot of headaches with you and your team later.  Here’s an overview of a great article to help you get your team back to the basics and set a new baseline from which to start relying on Git more effectively as a team.

Git pull rebase explained by humans, for humans

Here are a couple of posts explaining pulling with rebase and the difference between merging and rebasing.  You may want to read them a few times and try them out on your on repositories to get the hand of the best time to rebase and merge.

Git Submodules explanations


Git pruning branches explanation

Learn more about pruning your Git branches.  Here’s another good article here.

Git push

If Git couldn’t be more confusing with forcing a push, try this “safer” one:

git --force-with-lease

Here’s an explanation about “forcing with a lease” which sounds more like an early 20th century slum-lord tactic than something a web developer would have to do with their code repositories.

To remove any file matching  a wildcard, since many git command lines don’t support wildcards like the command line:

Where “error_log” is the file name or part of the file name:

find . -name error_log | xargs git rm -r 

Reverse and Stage Hunks

I couldn’t resist, after all, Source Tree has been helpful for many developers maintain and find their way around multiple projects with multiple repositories because it can be confusing if you are just using Git on the command line.  You may be too cool to not use Git on the command line, you have to keep up your street cred, but this just helps you see the forest and the trees faster than typing a bunch of git on the command line.  I have better things to do.

Atlassian provides a lot of help on there, site, click here to learn about “hunks” and you’ll also learn why Git is still growing and has a lot of room for improvement.

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