Eclipse IDE: Changing code theme is very easy

For web development and writing mostly code in PHP / Symfony, I prefer PHP Storm.  I do also use the Eclipse IDE and have been happy with its latest version, Eclipse Luna, since it has a Symfony, Twig and YML modules which are full of code helpers and on-the-fly validation and overall it is very expandable.

One thing I do like is changing the themes of different code environments, it’s easier to get in the mode.  Also, I like black screens, after staring a the monitor all day, I think it’s much easier on the eyes than white backgrounds.  I might think about changing my WordPress admin theme, come to think of it!

Changing the theme in PHP Eclipse is fast and easy:

1.  Go to Help > Install New Software…

2.  In top field, paste “”  and click the “Add” button

3.  Restart Eclipse then go to Window > Preferences > Appearance > Color Themes  and select your favorite theme.


I personally like “Retta” or “Vibrant Ink”, I like to use one theme for PHP projects and a different color theme for Java, it helps keep the mind in one zone or the other, but that’s just a personal preference.  Eclipse has come a long way and as a free IDE, it is amazing in its versatility.

A great product and community keeps it stable and always on the leading edge of innovation.  I am looking forward to playing with it when I am learning the “Play” Java framework, which is eerily similar to Symfony 2.5.  Makes you wonder if they’re not the same or who came along first…  Either way, I sure am grateful they’re out there!

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