Disable/Remove ShareThis appended hashtag from site URLs

ShareThis is a useful tool to encourage sharing of your website’s pages and content with others in social media. It has other uses as well since it can link users to account they’re already logged into making it easier to re-tweet or post your page on Facebook. However, at the top of the URL the ShareThis Javascript calls on the ShareThis API and appends to the user’s browser’s address bar one very ugly hashtag:

sharethis-ugly-hashtagAccording to the ShareThis team, just change the “hashAddressBar:” parameter in the ShareThis Javascript from “true” to “false” so it looks like this:  hashAddressBar:false.  More info can be found at:  http://support.sharethis.com/customer/portal/questions/3873687-weird-hash-tag-info-trailing-my-page-url#sthash.IARoyqTI.dpbs — notice the “#sthash!” by the way…

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