Conditionally show content in Symfony Twig views based on user’s IP address

Using your views with basic conditional logic that will show different content based on global values like a user’s IP address or their incoming referrer address is easy through “the app.request.server” object.  You don’t need to involve your controller to produce basic web page behaviors, especially those that are global in nature you’d normally use in your views where there’s one-way display of information and NO BUSINESS LOGIC.  In other words, the behavior based on global conditions can often wait until it reaches your site’s view to produce the intended results.

Let’s say your business has its own static IP.  It’s safe to say that anyone in the building is accessing the site through the same IP address.  So here’s a simple example of how you can switch or block certain content by reading the user’s IP address:

{%  if app.request.server.get("REMOTE_ADDR")==''  %}
  Conditional content here if in building.
{% else %}
  Content to show if not in building.
{% endif %}

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