“Bitlocker Drive Encryption Service”: Thankfully, this is a Microsoft thing, thanks for not letting us know

Recently, my computer started slowing down.  I heard nightmares about hackers encrypting data on drives and only unlocking the drives if you pay a ransom.  How nice.

Then, after Ctrl+Alt+Del and checking on programs running, I’ve started to see “Bitlocker Drive Encryption Service”.  Sounds scary.  Apparently, it’s part of Microsoft Windows.  How many times have you seen a program running in Windows and wondered if your virus protection didn’t catch something.  Are your keystrokes currently being listened to?!  These days, you can’t be too careful.  Or paranoid.

Thankfully, there is some information about Bitlocker here.  Microsoft does provide documentation as well, learn more about Bitlocker by clicking here.

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