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Fabien Potencier is a mad genius, he’s the man behind Sensio Labs and the Symfony PHP framework, which I have grown to really appreciate. For one, any business with a web development team needs to be on a framework. Period. Collaboration will improve exponentially while development time will decrease as your systems become more stable and scalable. PHP frameworks are a necessity for any company with serious skin in the web!

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Symfony: Access form collection variables from the parent form

This usually goes in the controller after checking if the form submitted is valid:

Symfony Repositories: Limit the “R” in CRUD while in development

Limit your CRUD indexAction so it won’t show 5,000+ records and crash with memory error:  

New Symfony Cheatsheet, updated for Symfony 2.5

Here are some of the most useful references and snippets for Symfony that I encounter a lot.  I will be sure to add more to the list so I only have one place to look to copy and paste.  For the latest Symfony 2.5 Cheatsheet, click here. - Aaron Belchamber

Symfony 2.5: General pattern and structure to use custom repositories and an overview of EAV database tables

Here is the general code pattern to build a form with a choice sub-object and use a custom repository in Symfony.  The data is stored in an "EAV" table (Entity, Attribute, Value) which is a scalable table modeled after Magento that stores different related data.  For instance, a list of all states and their abbreviations. …

Symfony, Twig and dynamic forms: How to access and format “prototype” template HTML for dynamic elements inside Twig

Let's say you are creating a form in Symfony that has some dynamic fields that you need to allow the user to add and remove a subset of options and fields from within the form.  Enabling dynamic forms in Symfony is a bit confusing to those just getting their feet wet.  Here's a hint:  You…