There are plenty of contact form plug-ins for WordPress.  I’ve used a few that I thought would be good but turned out to be barely functional, clunky, and/or buggy.  There are a couple of very reliable and simple to customize contact forms, however.  I have deployed numerous sites that need to handle multiple types of contact forms and have been impressed with the reliability of one in particular called “FS Contact Forms”.  The “FS” is short for “Fast and Secure”.  It has a very simple interface and with a single short code you can deploy your contact form.  It has built in validation, Captcha, integration with third party scripts, and best of all, it seems to always work as expected — another feature many WordPress plug-ins seem to lack.  The instructions for creating multiple contact forms in pages, posts, and even widgets are extremely easy to follow.

It is recommended to rely on the WordPress community regarding the reviews and the number of downloads a plug-in receives, this is usually a pretty good indicator of its reliability.  You will see these results when you search for new plug-ins.  I sometimes wish that you can sort and filter plug-in results better — I’m sure there’s a plug-in for that, too! So if you are looking for a reliable solution and you have a need to deploy one or more custom forms that can also accommodate file uploads, this is the best WordPress plug-in that I have come across.  The interface also allows you to integrate seamlessly into Constant Contact, though I have not explored this option, they probably have something in common — what that is is no concern of mine I’m just reviewing a product based on the merits of its performance.

As it stands, I haven’t come across a better plug-in with as many features that has been deployed so reliably as “Fast and Secure”, so if you are looking for a simple solution to deploy your custom forms, just search “FS Contact” in your WordPress admin “Add New Plug-ins” page, or visit their website at:  http://www.fastsecurecontactform.com/