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Are you a local business dependent on local traffic? The time to get “hyper-local” to the mobilized was yesterday!!!!

Think about how many businesses you just learn about in your own hometown -- you've driven by their sign for years but just noticed them because you finally needed something they were selling so you sought them out.  You never heard of them before, how is that possible?! You aren't focused on them, they didn't…

Need fast research for your business? Add Google Trends to your research tool kit

Since 2004, Google has released search data measured and compared over time.  Useful to identify trends, compare interests, all while helping you spot the best and most effective keywords for your website and business.  As most marketers understand, quantifying data like number of unique visitors to your website is very important, but to add that…

How the blind are leading the blind when it comes to web marketing

If you do not recall being able to place newspaper ads, radio ads, AND national television ads through the Google Ad Words platform, much less never even knew you could do these things before Google slowly abandoned these incredible auction-based advertising platforms, please do your own research before coming to a different conclusion than the…
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