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Ahhh, Unix and those Epoch dates, every second being counted from zero since the first second of 1970. At one time, this was a great idea for programmers for some reason, instead of being able to store a time to the second some other way, this was chosen and now we’re still dealing with it. So any time before 1970 reads as a negative number. What fun. Still, it’s pretty efficient as 10 digits can summarize every second since 1970… that is, until a special day in I believe 2037 when it goes from 9999999999 and needs another digit! This could very well be the next “Y2K” issue to keep programmers employed before all the software just rights itself… Only time will tell, what that exact number to the second is, I’d prefer to use a human readable format in databases, like “2023-09-23 07:59:29“!!!

Enter the UNIX timestamp number, or a human-readable date and time and convert times to and from UNIX.

Current Date, Time & UNIX time clock is displayed here live:

1. Convert UNIX timestamp to Date (mm/dd/YYYY Hour:Minute:Second):

Answer here.

2. Convert current date and time to UNIX timestamp:

Answer here.

3. Convert any date and time (mm/dd/YYYY Hour:Minute:Second) to UNIX timestamp:

Answer here.

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