Steps to adding remote Git Bitbucket repository in PHPStorm


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I found that before PHP Storm can connect to your remote Git repositories on Bitbucket properly, you need to add the git origin’s authentication within the PHP Storm command line. Using Bitbucket with PHP Storm is a powerful combination, but it’s not as easy as installing the Bitbucket plug-in then you’re off to the races.

Before you start pushing your local code to a remote Bitbucket, you have to do some command line for each repository you want PHP Storm to use because there’s not way to register the repo within the project, unfortunately. So without a built in interface in the “Settings’ menu inside the Bitbucket plug-in to do this, you have to tell PHP Storm the repository is there. It’s not enough to just put in your Bitbucket username and password.

  1. cd /path/to/my/repo
  2. git remote add origin ssh://<username>/<reponame>.git
  3. git push -u origin –all

I hope this saves others time. I am very thankful the free Bitbucket plug-in for PHP Storm is out there, but I just wish this extra feature of being able to manage the repositories would also be included without having to go to the command line. Not that I mind fat-fingering commands after the black and white prompt, it’d just be more convenient and one less thing to have to do manually. Isn’t that why we like using these tools and don’t write code with “vi” or “nano”? After all, there’s a reason IDEs are out there, right?!

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