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If you landed on here, you might be fascinated with the fact that there are more complicated ways to convert a string of letters and numbers into other letters and numbers through algorithms then call it “encryption” to make it sound more complex and give you an edge in the “smart nerd” factor, it that’s the sort of thing that suits you. Here are a few common encryption algorithms just in case you ever need to convert something from something into something else for some reason. Good luck to you, I’m thoroughly confused now.

Encrypt strings that you supply with different encryption methods below.

1. Convert any string into an MD5 Hash:

Encrypted answer here.

2. Convert any string into a SHA1 Hash:

Encrypted answer here.

3. Convert any string into an SHA1 for LDAP (Base 64):

Encrypted answer here.

4. Create new .htpasswd password file (put username with colon BEFORE the encrypted results):

Encrypted answer here.

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